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On-field training logistics: 

  • February 13 – April 30, 2023
  • Mon – Wed: 4–5:30p
  • Thursdays Potential Zoom Hudl meeting 4–5p
  • Sundays: 10–11:30a
  • Location: TBA


Camp INfo

For over 20 years, I’ve worked with QBs, Receivers, and Centers/Snappers at all levels. Through a series of fundamental drill progressions, practice and video study, I will help you enhance your skill level


  • $150 per on-field training or Zoom session  
  • *No charge for RECs or Centers/Snappers. I will work/train everyone present. If the number of participants grows significantly,
    I will add coaches
  • Potential discount packages
  • Potential private training



  • Improve fundamental catching technique
  • Develop proper form running
  • Improve route running
  • Improve releases vs various zone & man press techniques
  • Improve understanding of various basic coverages



  • Optimize throwing motion from pocket and on move
  • Improve fluidity of drop backs and play action game 
  • Improve rhythm, timing and anticipation 
  • Enhance understanding of various basic coverages 
  • Develop fundamentals of taking the snap from both UC (Under Center) and SG (Shotgun)



  • Develop proper UC (Under Center) and SG (Shotgun) snapping technique
  • Learn proper fundamental pass blocking footwork in conjunction with snapping the ball



Since working with coach Kramer, I’m learning how to play the game with fluidity, timing, touch and anticipation while manipulating defenders. It’s now a different game that I play.

Brody Meyer

Former QB Camarillo High School QB Missouri Western State University

“Erik Kramer was one of the most technique sound and efficient QB’S that I have ever been around. He was always a great student of the game. His eyes and feet were always where they needed to be. He could move defenders and throw with great accuracy and anticipation. He has carried those skills over to his QB coaching”

Ron Turner

Former QB coach/Offensive Coordinator Chicago Bears