Since working with coach Kramer, I’m learning how to play the game with fluidity, timing, touch and anticipation while manipulating defenders. It’s now a different game that I play.

Brody Meyer

Former QB Camarillo High School QB Missouri Western State University

“Erik Kramer was one of the most technique sound and efficient QB’S that I have ever been around. He was always a great student of the game. His eyes and feet were always where they needed to be. He could move defenders and throw with great accuracy and anticipation. He has carried those skills over to his QB coaching”

Ron Turner

Former QB coach/Offensive Coordinator Chicago Bears

“Having known Erik some 20+ years, competed against him, and  worked with him, without a doubt if my son played QB Erik would be my choice as his QB trainer. As a HOF QB, I know what type of instruction a QB needs, from throwing technique, footwork fundamentals and drills, white board and tape instruction.  Erik Kramer, is the best choice you can make as a QB”

Warren Moon

F23 seasons pro football QB, Pro Football HOF 9-time NFL Pro Bowls 5-time CFL Grey Cup Champion QB Missouri Western State University

“I know that when I recruit one of his guys, they will be prepared to take their game to the college level”

Tyler Fenwick

Head Football Coach, Missouri Western State University

“Coach Kramer had a huge influence on my football playing and coaching career. From fine tuning my route running and catching ability at Royal High School to inspiring me to become a coach. The way he coached us became my model for how I coach today”

Sean Miller

Receivers coach and Offensive Coordinator Agoura High School

“While at Royal HS, I attended The Erik Kramer Passing Camp as a Tight End with many other players from various parts of Southern California. Coach Kramer taught with a lot of energy. The fast-paced sessions taught us to think while moving at full speed and with great intensity.  When I became a HS football coach, I incorporated a lot of what I learned at his camps”

Tyler Decker

OL coach Agoura HS

“I learned more about coaching quarterbacks and receivers from Erik
than anyone in my 43-year coaching career. His knowledge of the
passing game fundamentals benefitted all of our QBs and Receivers for over 2 decades”

Ed Croson

Chaminade High School Head Football Coach 2009 – 2021

“The lessons I learned from coach Kramer still lead my way in life.
Throughout my 10-plus years of playing football, there was no one who
wanted me to succeed more than Erik. He consistently went above and
beyond to help me in my pursuits as a quarterback and person”

Morey Croson

Owner/Operator Performance Lab of California Former quarterback Birmingham High School

“My talent as an NFL receiver developed under Erik Kramer’s incredible leadership.  His dedication to our team and attention to detail was unparalleled and his character speaks for itself. Erik has been a great mentor and has helped me grow both professionally and personally”

Herman Moore

– NFL Detroit Lions 12-year receiver 3-time First Team All-Pro

“Erik Kramer is the total package when it comes to quarterbacks and football.  He understands the dynamics of the position from skilled execution, to leadership, to how you carry yourself as a QB.  He was  not only a great player at all levels but he is also a gifted teacher and can relate and share his knowledge.  His understanding of the game, and specifically, the position of quarterback, is on the highest level. His ability to communicate this unique and valuable knowledge to others is a very special gift”

Dana Bible

Erik’s QB coach at NC State. Former NFL and College Offensive Coordinator and QB Coach

“The relationship between a Receiver and Quarterback is all about trust. The way Erik and I built ours was through working on our craft together…before, during and after practice. Erik and I came to Detroit as Free Agents. And over time we developed that trust by honing our  skills and outworking everyone. In 1991, due to injuries, we were both thrown into the starting lineup. I lead our team with 53 receptions and  Erik helped lead us past the Dallas Cowboys in a dominating playoff win and then to the NFC Championship Game”

Mike Farr

NFL Detroit Lions 4-year receiver

“Erik Kramer was one of the most accurate quarterbacks that I played with. He carried himself with great character and dedicated himself to the game we all love. Erik led with great confidence which gained him much respect from his teammates. Today, Erik is STILL the great leader we all came to know”

Aubrey Matthews

NFL Detroit Lions 13-year receiver

“I watched Erik coach my son for several years, and I served as the videographer. As he coached HS and College QB’s looking to play at the next level, Erik’s technical understanding of the QB position, and ability to communicate effectively was eye opening. But what stands out for me are the mindset and values he instills by example in everyone he interacts with: that success is the product of discipline, hard work, grace under pressure, a team-first approach, and the importance of staying focused on the things within your control”

Dave Van Beveren

Father or Kyle, QB Notre Dame High School

“Erik’s deep well of knowledge as a veteran NFL quarterback and developer of elite athletes is evident.  From virtual film room sessions and mobile tech analysis, to key fundamental drills and advanced  situational football, I feel confident as a parent my two boys have come upon a rare opportunity to significantly impact their progress as a quarterback and wide receiver.  I highly recommend Coach Kramer’s training sessions to all parents with young athletes who desire to take their game to the next level”

Jason Delmarty

Parent of David (QB) and Christopher (Receiver)

“Erik’s fundamental drill progressions and explanations for how to play the game that included film study were spectacular for my son, Brad Jr…and me. Brad’s high school coach, Ed Croson who introduced us to Erik, had a similar offensive thought process to Erik’s. So, it was an easy transition from Erik’s passing camp to the team.  Perhaps the best benefit to having my young son learn from Erik was that he’s already played the game at the highest level. It made a kid’s (and a father’s) “dream” seem possible–reachable.  I always wanted Brad to believe: “If a guy from my town can get there, why not me?”

Brad Kaaya Sr.

Father of Brad Jr. Chaminade HS QB and state champion, University of Miami and Detroit Lions

“Although the concepts and techniques Erik taught me in his camps put me at a huge advantage going into high school and college. He was excellent at teaching the nuances of “the game” within the game and how to manipulate defenders. The attention to detail, the in-depth film study of defenses, personnel, coverages, and throwing techniques was paramount to my success as a collegiate quarterback at the FCS level. Erik’s depth of knowledge, passion, and work ethic as a coach was inspirational to me as a player. Without a doubt, Erik is one of the best coaches and mentors I have ever had in my career”

Justin Arias

Agoura High School QB 2006 - 2009 Idaho State University QB 2011 – 2014 Walter Payton Award Finalist (FCS) 2014

“I attended Erik’s camp at a crucial time in my young development. The foundation Erik provided me was pivotal, and the fundamentals I learned remained with me throughout high school, college football, and eventually the NFL” 

Brad Kaaya Jr.

Chaminade HS QB & California State Champion, University of Miami QB & career passing record holder, NFL QB – Detroit Lions

“I had the honor of being a Detroit Lions teammate of Erik Kramer‘s for four years. Not only is he an incredible football player but he is an incredible man. Erik is selfless and humble with an easy ability to connect with people. As a competitor and a teammate, he was a leader who knew how to get the best from his teammates. He was a teacher and willing to spend the extra time to get it right and make sure we were all on the same page. Solid under pressure is how he played the game. In all the years that I played with him I never saw  Erik get rattled. He took the good with the bad and persevered in  every situation. Good play, the next player is better. Bad play, he’d  show up bigger on the next one. That’s just who Erik is. He can break    things down for players to make them simple. At the same time, he    expects a lot from his teammates. You wanted to play hard for Erik    because he was giving everything he had. His dedication to the game  and his never quit attitude propelled him to an unbelievable NFL career. Football at the NFL level is extremely complicated, and Erik had  way of making things simple through a process of understanding the  details. He taught me so much about being a receiver. I came from a  run-oriented offense in college and didn’t really understand how to be  an NFL level receiver, but Erik helped me make the transition and  become a starter my rookie year. I owe a ton to Erik for the time he spent with me to develop. Erik was a student of the game and very  coachable himself. He was a quick study and his ability to learn  information quickly and then deliver it at the highest level was  amazing. Whoever has the opportunity to work with Erik will learn a  great deal about being a great football player, but they will also learn a  great deal about being a great man”

Jeff Campbell

NFL Detroit Lions 5-year receiver

“I have known Erik since he was an undrafted free agent with incredible willpower, determination, and a dream to play in the NFL. He proved himself by playing 11 seasons, throwing for more than 15,000 yards and 92 touchdowns. Erik knew his competitive edge was devotion to mastering the fundamentals, becoming QB smart in reading and outfoxing defenses, and developing exceptional mental toughness by working diligently on mental performance skills. He has so much passion, wisdom, and experience for teaching our ‘Next Gen’ the art and science of playing winning football.”

Dr. Kevin Wildenhaus

Clinical Psychologist & Mental Performance Coach Pittsburgh Steelers and Penguins

“Erik was a fierce competitor who did whatever it took to win. He broke passing records in the ACC and the NFL. Over years of watching Erik teach young people, his approach is always the same…no matter the position, focus on steady improvement of the fundamentals. One example was a shy receiver from Royal HS named Ryan Stevens. Ryan was fast but didn’t have the receiving chops to match. After a couple sessions with Erik and other RECs, Ryan’s newfound confidence was tangible and his passion to get better fueled his consistent training. That season Ryan tied the school record set by another EKPC alum, Sean Miller, for most pass receptions in a single game. Both won numerous team, league, and county awards.”

Duane Decker

Center – Former Pierce College teammate of Erik’s 17-year high school coach